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The guidelines in this book may sound simple and seem to apply only to children, but this is not so. These guidelines contain principles that will help us the rest of our lives.
It is, and always will be, important that we respect and learn from our parents and that we not do anything to hurt or embarrass them. It matters that we meet our responsibilities at home and at school, and later at work. And this will never change. It is good for us to interact well with others, to live within our means, and to take care of our possessions. And it always will be.  
All of these will help us to be happy whether we are eight or eighty.
First, we will be happy knowing that we did what was right!
Second, the way we treat others will become the way we are treated. Being unkind to others will result in others being unkind to us. Being considerate of others will result in others being considerate of us.  
By following the guidelines and principles in this book, each of us will ensure a happier today and tomorrow.
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